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  • Model: Rm130
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Raumer Rainox anchor


Like a spit (same dimension), but stainless and not self drilling.

Advantages? A couple.

Number 1: place this, and it should last a lot longer than a spit, and it will also work for subsequent parties using the traditional and widely used 'bolt and hanger' arrangement.

Number 2: if you are placing your hangers by drill, this anchor does not require that the holes be finished off by hand to flatten off the end of the hole - just drill, and tap in.

Number 3: the wedge and anchor are joined - you can't drop half of the arrangement down the pitch by mistake (although you can still lose the whole lot, if you like)

NOTE: to use this, you need also the 'Striker'(article Rm131) to place the bolt. See the relevant description to see why it's needed - but don't worry, this kit is pretty cheap and reusable as well.

NOTE AGAIN: you can place this by hand, but you'll want a Rocpec or similar to make the hole. Phil Rowsell - who does a lot of bolting - suggests the Hilti four tip bit for most applications. In this case a 12mm diameter one will be needed.

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