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  • Model: SR - PSRT
  • Shipping Weight: 2kg

Primary SRT kit

Starting at: £246.00

A full specification SRT kit suitable for: novices, those whose need is for a simple and uncluttered setup, or simply those looking for an excellent deal!

NB that this kit usually contains an MTDE Club harness, but we are out of stock at the moment - this revised Primary kit includes a Petzl Superavanti instead, but is £18 more expensive. Please advise whether you need Size 1 or Size 2.

Comprising: Petzl Superavanti harness, Alp Design Doma chest harness, 10mm cowstails, combined safety / footloop in 8mm cord, CT chest and hand ascenders, Simple descender, two keylock straight gate snaplinks, two Axxis screwgates, steel braking snaplink. Held together with a 10mm steel Half Round maillon.

All high quality and durable gear, with no corners cut; no need to discard this kit to cope with expedition rigging, longer pitches, or practising rope rescue.

Why these components?

i. The Club harness is one size to fit all - no need to second guess what sizes a club might need.

ii. The Doma chest harness costs little more than the simple tape strap... but takes a quarter of the time to explain and put on. It is also much more versatile, is suitable for males and females, and (unlike the Torse) is not unsuitable for averagely tall people

iii. Simple descender is a very appropriate tool for those starting SRT (braking with both hands, no risk of 'clutch and plummet') - and those who have done a lot, too!

iv. All our cowstail snaplinks are keylock - much easier to clip and unclip at rebelays as they eliminate the risk of the closure snagging on ropes. Also as a straight gate, they are even less likely to unclip accidentally from a P hanger, than a bent gate.

v. Axxis oval screwgates are also keylocks, and large enough (used as the descender attachment and hand jammer connector)to facilitate descender hard locks, and simple rescue techniques, respectively.

vi. Climbing Technology ascenders are larger than the Petzl versions, and perhaps easier to manipulate by novices and those with bigger hands.

vii. Every caver should have a braking krab! If not for their own use, then as an auxiliary connector, to set up pulley jammer systems, or in case of mid rope rescue...

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