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  • Model: M37TL
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Petzl Omni Triact


The Omni is an alloy, very secure karabiner that essentially replaces the central D shaped maillon in an SRT kit. Solid (10mm bar) design with keylock and the very secure Triact closure.
Quicker to do up and undo than a traditional maillon, light, and perhaps marginally safer in that should the gate undo itself in the course of a very long pitch, or lots of prussiking, the Omni will maintain the integrity of the loop. It is very convenient for those wishing to dekit quickly, whether due to very cold weather for changing, or incipient incontinence...

Major axis strength 20kn, minor axis strength 15kn. The strength with open gate is still 7kn, and the gate open aperture is 22mm (so it is easy to fit on harnesses with fabric loops).

Weight 92g

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