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Petzl Freino Z Triact


Compact alloy karabiner with very secure triact-lock closure. Keylock nose for snag-reduced installation on a harness. Main feature of this is a braking spur along the back gate, which allows friction to be added and adjusted easily.

This is the new version of the Freino that integrates well with the recent versions of the Petzl Simple and Stop. The gate opening is reversed, which is more reassuring for users who prefer their gate opening to face downwards; also the shape of the body reduces the risk of losing the descender off the harness in gnarly passage. It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that it does not work at all with the older versions.

As this is an alloy karabiner, a gritty rope will wear out the braking spur more quickly than using a separate steel karabiner. Apart from this drawback there are also advantages. Primarily they are that organisation on the central attachment is less cluttered; and that - especially with a non-autolock descender such as a Simple - it is more easy to put rope in the braking spur or else take it out, as the braking spur is presented on a loaded karabiner which is not 'floppy'.

Braking provided is intermediate; less than a Raumer Handy but more than a plain steel oval. Expedition cavers of avarage weight and above, have been known to keep the descender on the Freino, but keep a Handy with them too, for scary muddy ropes, or rescues.

Weight 75g. Major axis strength 23 kN; lateral 8 kN; gate open 8kN. Made in the UK!

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