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Petzl Freino (pre-2019)


A neat karabiner, especially made for situations where extra friction needs to be added to an abseiling or lowering device.
The Freino has a braking spur built in, which can accept ropes up to 12mm. The rope is fitted into the braking spur without any need to open the main body of the karabiner.
The prime advantage of the Freino is that it is very neat and compact when used in an SRT set up, which can simplify things for beginners (and the experienced!)as there are fewer items on the maillon. Also it avoids the issue of a weighted rope below the abseiler causing problems - see most recent SRT training manuals.
The Freino is made of aluminium and uses a twist-lock closure.
Weight 85g.Major axis strength 25KN; minor axis 10KN; and gate open strength 9KN. Gate opening is 15mm, sufficient for placing on any central-maillon type connector.

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