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Petzl Freino


Compact alloy karabiner with twist-lock closure. Keylock nose for snag-reduced installation on a harness. Main feature of this is a braking spur along the back gate, which allows friction to be added and adjusted easily.

As this is an alloy karabiner, a gritty rope will wear out the braking spur more quickly than using a separate steel karabiner. Apart from this drawback there are also advantages. Primarily they are that organisation on the central attachment is less cluttered; and that - especially with a non-autolock descender such as a Simple - it is more easy to put rope in the braking spur or else take it out, as the braking spur is presented on a loaded karabiner which is not 'floppy'.

Braking provided is intermediate; less than a Raumer Handy but more than a plain steel oval. Expedition cavers of avarage weight and above, have been known to keep the descender on the Freino, but keep a Handy with them too, for scary muddy ropes, or rescues.

Weight 85g. Major axis strength 25 kN; lateral 10 kN; gate open 9kN. Made in the UK!

Greencroft,Hospital Road,Scorton,Richmond, North Yorkshire. DL10 6DT

VAT NO : 944 5403 23

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