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  • Model: MePVC
  • Shipping Weight: 1.9kg

Meander Criou PVC


Re-introduced by Meander Pro, the Criou is a welded-seam PVC oversuit best suited for muddy or wet and windy locations. For those who remember the old Meander Criou, this suit is very similar although the fabric is marginally stiffer. The fabric is wind proof, and waterproof when new although the front closure allows seepage on wet pitches, as do hood and cuffs. If water ingress is a serious issue then the Warmbac neoprene cuffs may be useful.

The suit features a Velcro front closure, single Velcro closed external chest pocket, Velcro closure cuffs, and a light under-helmet hood which fits into the collar.

We stock the Criou in traditional yellow, but we can order in suits in red, please contact us to arrange this.

To work out your size (apart from visiting the mobile shop)you need three figures:
A. height in cm
B. weight in kg
C. measurement from lowest point of crotch to base of throat

Size 1B: 165 - 175cm, 65 - 75kg, 70cm
Size 2A: 175 - 182cm; 70 - 80kg; 76cm
Size 2B: as above; 75 - 85kg; as above
Size 3A: 182 - 188cm; 80 - 88kg; 82cm
Size 3B: as above; 85 - 95kg; as above
Size 4A: 188 - 196cm; 88 - 98kg: 87cm
Size 4B: as above; 95 - 105KG; as above

For sizes above or below these, call us. We currently supply patching material and glue with the Meander Criou.

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