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Karabiners and maillons: SRT

This category covers items that are primari,y for personal use in an SRT rig. They are in the order: harness closure: karabiners for cowstail and descender attachment; and specialised - generally steel - braking krabs. The items in the category 'Maillons and karabiners for rigging' might also have what you want, if you are after smaller maillons.

Climbing Technology Lime Screwgate 

Climbing Technology Lime Screwgate

A light, strong and compact screwgate karabiner, with a reliable and durable steel spring operating the gate; also keylock closure. The small size and consequently smaller gate opening aperture makes it most suitable for attaching handled ascenders to footloops and safety cords. For size and cost, probably optimal for attaching bag tethers securely. Also suitable for rigging, for which we sell in batches (see the Rigging section) 99mm long, weighs 54g, gate opening is 16mm. Strength 24 kn (long axis), 8kn gate loaded, 8kn gate open. NB that the new version is silver, not lime colour!

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