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I had assumed that I was getting less flexible as my age and belly increased and general decrepitude set in. The age and the belly - well, they go their own ways, but once I bought this oversuit, I discovered that actually, my flexibility hadn’t gone, it was my previous oversuit that was cardboardy and stiff, and stopping me getting to that high foothold!

My Titan is wonderfully comfortable to wear – you hardly notice you’ve got an oversuit on, and I really like the little bit of elastic at the waist, it makes the waist stay where the waist should be. The fabric doesn’t seem to go stiff however many times you wash it, and that – for me – is the crucial thing. If my body can bend that way, the suit allows it effortlessly.

There is a chest pocket which fits an emergency bag, but I do miss the little sleeve pocket I used to have, but for the comfort and flexibility the Titan offers, I can happily live without it!

Next time you’re thinking of replacing your oversuit, I’d certainly recommend this one.
Date Added: 11/02/2014 by Emma Scheck

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