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  • Model: FHL50
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Fenix HL50 (365 lumens)


Fenix HL50 LED headtorch, takes one Lithium CR123 battery, or a AA for emergency use. Up to 365 lumen output on the CR123. We think this is a suitable spare torch but not really a primary caving light as it does not give high performance on a rechargeable battery.

With three settings, and a brighter 'burst' setting, this seems to be a nice balance between size and performance at a sensible price for a high-end product. The special thing about the HL50 is that it can take a AA battery (cheap and easy to find, slightly lower performance although still good), or a CR123 battery (available from big supermarkets, dearer, high performance)

The settings for the AA are: 150 lumens for 2 hours; 55 lumens for 6+ hours; and 3 lumens for 110 hours. Burst light 285 lumens.
The settings for the CR123 Lithium are: 170 lumens for 3 hours; 60 lumens for 9 1/2 hours; and 4 lumens for 150 hours. Burst light 365 lumens.

Press button operation, the 'burst' setting is a long-press feature i.e. it turns off when the switch is not pressed. The torch is a side emmitting LED arrangement, so it fits neatly on the elasticated headband (will fit around a neck, and on a helmet at a stretch).

Weight is 57g without the battery, the HL50 is c.6.5cm long and c.3cm wide; so it really should not be very noticeable to wear. It is also waterproof to 2m depth, is made of alloy for abrasion resistance, and uses a Cree XM - L2 LED for those to whom this detail means something; in this case, it emits a less blue, more neutral light.

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