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Cowstail Set, advanced 

Cowstail Set, advanced

Cowstails in 10mm dynamic rope, supplied with one Petzl Djinn, and one Climbing Technology Nimble karabiner. A combination favoured by instructors and riggers: the Djinn has a keylock closure, straight gate, light weight, and wide opening, while the Nimble is a light screwgate with a catch-free nose and also a wide opening. Whenever you are in place on a rope for a while, or if you *must* attach yourself infallibly by one attachment, the Nimble on the long cowstail is indispensable. Can be supplied as a 'split' cowstail for the same price, please specify. Clearly, all knots will need checking; see the 'Technical Caving Manual' (found on our 'books' page), or 'Alpine Caving Techniques'. These are invaluable publications, and give much more information than can be listed here.

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