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They have pictures and dates, some are suitable for work, or your granny; others, less so.

SUSS 2017 Calendar 

SUSS 2017 Calendar

It's subtitled 'Cavers of the Peak District' and it is a calendar produced by SUSS. This, and the product image, should give you an idea of what to expect. Evidently, in 2017 the effects of global warming will make themselves known in the caves of the UK. However, despite very few clothes being worn in the making of SUSS 2017, rest assured. It's all done in the *best* possible taste. Mainly.
Speleo Projects Calendar 2017 

Speleo Projects Calendar 2017

Large format calendar with a dozen excellent images from around the world, including the UK. The photographers are from France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, the UK and the USA, so there is a wide range of subject matter and style, with something for everyone. The size is 297mm by 436mm, twelve pages. High quality glossy paper.

Greencroft,Hospital Road,Scorton,Richmond, North Yorkshire. DL10 6DT

VAT NO : 944 5403 23

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