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Alp Design Dyneema footloop AWAITING RESTOCK


Dyneema cord with tape footloop, made to fit two feet. Simple, effective, very lightweight. This new version has an extra tape section added to the footloop, to keep it open during use when passing rebelays or similar. Also, a small piece of tape to cinch the footloop down to a smaller diameter when using it with a single foot, such as when a foot jammer is also being used. A very long-lasting piece of kit, the dyneema doesn't really wear with use - when the tape / cord parts, it may be repaired, or parts salvaged and re-used. A thought; always try to have a footloop that accepts both feet - what if you lose your Pantin? Another thought - why dyneema? if you use a rope that stretches an inch every time you weight it on a step...and it takes 400 steps to prussik out of a normal British much height have you wasted?

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