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Alp Design Blitz


A very compact and light fully adjustable chest harness. Weight only 95g, but fits all sizes and is very effective. Well suited for smaller cavers, those with less upper body strength, and those who like very lightweight SRT systems.

Consists of two parts: i. a thicker tape chest piece that fits around the waist or lower ribs to hold the caver closer to the rope and: ii. a thinner tape (also fixed to thicker lower tape) that passes over the shoulders and pulls the chest jammer up the rope, and: iii. a metal ring to join the two, in a low-profile way NB THIS IS A STARLESS RIVER UPGRADE TO THE STANDARD ITEM

These two tapes can be tightened independently to allow for both frog and ropewalking styles of ascent, and in general to alter caver position for long journeys on rope. Not so solid as the MTDE Garma, in terms of carrying equipment for rigging - but effective and affordable nonetheless.

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