Scurion Info

Scurion: bright Swiss made LED lights for caving and general work.

Most English speaking cavers will be familiar with the name of Scurion, at least. The bright LED lights have now been in the UK market for around five years, and many cavers will have seen a Scurion, or been caving with someone who owns one. The aim of this section is to give people thinking of buying one of these lamps a bit of an overview of what they are, and what they can do.

The individual prices and specifications will be found next, under the appropriate product entry. Also, battery run times will be found there, as these vary somewhat with each model.

Scurion lamps are all made in Switzerland, by cavers, for caving; although there is a growing range of accessories that increase the possible range of use. They are toughly built (machined aluminium headset, and machined aluminium battery case for all but the Basic) and waterproof, ranging from -1m for the Basic model, to -100m for the Dive model. The cable connecting headset to battery is extremely tough, and the glass on the headset is also very durabe and scratch resistant.

Scurion lamps all use two different LEDS. One has a broad output (flood), and one has a very narrow, focussed beam (spot). Each has up to four output levels, and each can be used independently of the other, either on its own or in conjunction. This gives a total of *twenty five* different output options (!).

IN PRACTICE each Scurion comes with four factory settings, which are all combinations of flood and spot at different levels of brightness, so you can use it straight from the box. However, most serious users will, at some point, programme their own light settings into their lamp, to suit their own preferences. You can have a maximum of ten programmed settings. It requires a bit of concentration, but it is not a difficult process and is worthwhile to get the most from your light. The manual that comes with the Scurion makes it clear.

Scurion lamps run off Li-ion batteries to maximise brightness and runtime. The battery case is normally mounted on the back of the helmet. The case fits four Li-ion cells as standard, but a two Li-ion battery is available for some models, for those who wish to take some weight off the helmet. For cavers who want to reduce helmet weight significantly, a longer cable is available to allow the battery case to be carried in a pocket.

It is *possible* to run a Scurion, on lower settings only, on a 9v battery via an adaptor. This can work as an emergency backup, although the battery life indicator on all models means that you should never be surprised by a light running out! For expedition use it is a useful standby, although the potentially very long runtimes and relative cheapness of spare batteries means that most expeditions can be run without needing this option. The 9v alkaline battery will give around 12+ hours on level 1 for the 700 model.

Most lights can be ordered in different colours: blue, green, gold, orange, red and purple. They all cost a bit more than the standard, black, which is what we stock! So if you go for a different colour option, you need to expect to wait a little longer.

Starless River stocks standard length cables on Scurions, but we can order in the 120cm length cable if preferred. These are put together in Switzerland; so again, there will be a small delay if you go for this option.

We generally carry a small stock of spare parts, such as battery lids, glass fronts, washers, and suchlike. If you have been rough, or unlucky, with your Scurion, you can contact us.

All Scurion Lamps come with a head mount which bolts onto the helmet; at least one battery (two in some models); wall charger; and silicone grease for lubricating O rings. All battery packs are posted 50% charged.

Scurion lamps come with a two year warranty, and one year on the battery – this won’t cover any amazing innovation that you’ve come up with in terms of wiring or suchlike, or taking them beyond recommended depth underwater! However, aftercare extends beyond warranty, and charges for work or upgrades are reasonable.