Scurion lamps are all made in Switzerland, by cavers, for cavers. They are very toughly built, waterproof, bright,and versatile. Maximum output ranges from 720 lumens to over 1500 lumens (as of 2016) All the lamps use two different LEDS. One has a broad output (flood), and one has a very narrow, focussed beam (spot). Each has up to four output levels, and each can be used independently of the other. These options can all be user programmed according to preference for unique optimisation. Scurion lamps run off Li-ion batteries to maximise brightness and runtime. The battery case is normally mounted on the back of the helmet. The case fits four Li-ion cells as standard, but a two Li-ion battery is available for some models, for those who wish to take some weight off the helmet. For cavers who want to reduce helmet weight significantly, a longer cable option is available to allow the battery case to be carried in a pocket. It is *possible* to run a Scurion, on lower settings only, on a 9v battery via an adaptor which we can supply. This can work as an emergency backup, although the battery life indicator on all models should prevent your light running out without plenty of warning! All Scurion Lamps come as a complete set, ready to use. It has with a head mount which bolts onto the helmet; a battery; wall charger; and silicone grease for lubricating O rings. All battery packs are posted 50% charged. They are easy to mount on most helmets associated with caving. Scurion lamps come with a two year warranty, and one year on the battery. Aftercare extends beyond warranty, and charges for work or upgrades are reasonable. Most importantly there is a UK repair agent for quick turnaround on any minor problems.