Postage Rates

Postage Rates

Our Starless River postage rates are designed to reflect what it actually costs us to send the parcel to you, although there may be variations of a few pence either way.

Within the UK 

We use Royal Mail and we have two tariffs: Standard and Economy. Standard will often be next day delivery, but we don’t guarantee this as it depends on when the order comes in and also stock availability. As a rule of thumb we do our best to get orders that come in by 2.30pm sent out that day.  Standard is £3.90.

Economy will take 2-3 days typically: it is a slower service and also we operate an earlier cut-off for orders. After 12.00 the order is more likely to be dealt with the next day. Please don’t use Economy for Thursday orders needed for caving at the weekend! Economy is £3.20.

Outside the UK 

For parcels up to 2kg we will use Royal Mail and the site will charge you a range of prices, usually in the £20-£30 range, depending on the precise weight of the parcel and the destination.

For parcels over 2kg we use a courier which will vary depending on what deals are obtainable for your destination. The site will charge you an initial deposit of £30, but this will not be enough in many cases and we will ask you for a top-up payment before the parcel is sent.


We will not send Royal Mail to the UAE – all orders of whatever weight to the UAE will be sent by courier and may attract an additional charge.

Li-ion batteries

Fenix and Scurion lights contain lithium ion batteries which are subject to shipping regulations. Within the UK, we can send lithium ion batteries provided they are connected to or contained within the body of the device.
Outside the UK, Royal Mail (which we use for parcels up to 2kg) say that rechargeable batteries can be sent provided they are contained in or connected to equipment or devices, to a maximum of 4 cells / two batteries (e.g. a 4-cell Scurion battery pack is the most you can send per parcel). Loose / spare batteries cannot be sent. Non-rechargeable batteries cannot be sent.
The couriers which we use for parcels outside the UK over 2kg mostly do not accept Li-ion at all – we may need to discuss with you sending the lighting element of your order separately.
Having said this, our experience is that the rules are badly understood by the couriers themselves and we have come across some seemingly illogical decisions by Customs and / or the CCA (Council of Civil Aviation). In practice this may on occasion translate into delay in receiving your parcel – sadly we have no control over this!

UK Economy Postage (0-1kg)Most Popular£2.99

UK Economy Postage (1-2kg)Most Popular£4.40

UK Economy Postage (2-5kg)Most Popular£5.86

UK Economy Postage (5-10kg)Most Popular£5.94

UK Economy Postage (10-15kg)Most Popular£9.28

UK Standard Postage (0-1kg)Most Popular£5.52

UK Standard Postage (1-2kg)Most Popular£5.72

UK Standard Postage (2-5kg)Most Popular£6.44

UK Standard Postage (5-10kg)Most Popular£7.16

UK Standard Postage (10kg +)Most Popular£9.00