Hidden Inside the Highlands

Hidden Inside the Highlands

We are now stocking Hidden Inside the Highlands, a personal account of exploration in Scottish limestone over more than 60 years.

The author, Alan Jeffreys (otherwise known as Goon), has put together his own answers to the question so often asked: ‘But why do you go caving?’ It’s a non-technical account of caves and caving in the limestone areas of Scotland, from the far northern Durness Limestone to Schiehallion in Perthshire, and as far south as Jeannie Barrie’s cave in the Pentland Hills south of Edinburgh. This is a narrative account rather than a guidebook, with a nice set of photographs which make you want to revisit the places you have been (and visit the others for the first time!). There is a helpful first section for the non-caver giving thoughtful explanations of cave formation and tackling some common misconceptions. But really it’s about the glory of the journey, mud and cold water notwithstanding.

Hidden Inside the Highlands provides a gentle introduction to the world of caving and includes reassuring explanations of the safety precautions we use. If your Mum is worried about you going caving, this might be a good present for her. Unless she is so anguished about the whole concept that she can’t bear to think about it (like my own Mum). We will leave that one up to you.

PS before everyone writes in to bite my head off, I do know that many Mums are cavers. I am one myself. 

PPS Tony says that Dads get worried too!


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